Hi my name is Steve B and GLC Productions by Steve B is the result of many years of hard work, a lot of friends that helped me along the project, some good and some bad collaborations, but most importantly it is my adult game place to have fun with my friends and with all the incredible girls i met on my road as a DJ and as a porn actor for adult movies.

I launched the project solo in 2008 after my success as porn actor for the famous gang banger crew called Holeandaheartbeat Crew from Philadelphia.

It was a lot of fun to bang my groupies for the crew with Scott and all the crazy dudes I have met in the united states of America. I was living the american dream becoming a member of a great gang and I was always looking for more fun like that in my life.

After terrorizing Vegas, I decided to run my own solo project with some friends when I came back from L.A. a couple months later and this is how GLC Productions and the website are born.

We started in 2009 filming our first own contents between friends,  until I realized that we had the potential to do much better than that. So i called back all my friends from the porn industry and I launched the website V1.0 with not many skills as self-made webmaster.

We did some several shooting that I decided to remove later because it was not fitting with the quality of what I wanted to reflect from my mind and spirit as an artist.

I created a new team and we shot the new content you are viewing now online. Facing some strong financial problems after realizing that we the bar too high, we decided to enlarge our collection with photography and amateur contents. Even with the interesting traffic we had at the begin of our story, we realized that today people are no longer wanting to pay for their porn. We never give up and we want to provide you with the best. Be sure we always bring you the best.

Now a couple years later and with this new V5.0, I want to bring more fun and more digital immersion for our fans worldwide, so I just bought a new camera to start filming in 360° and we took our very first short videos during the summit we visited this recently this summer.

Discover now a small part of it as we are still working to edit the full video.
Be sure to follow my YouTube channel for more 360° experiences until we find a way to offer you more videos like this one. 

The 360° porn experience has already launched and we did our first try shooting small blowjob scenes with it, the rendering in Full HD is amazing with it and I can't wait to shoot more models with that new technology.

Now watch this kick ass movie and scroll down to learn more about me and my label.

Welcome on the V5.0 of

Enjoy this unique mix of our porn super star Steve B alias Awel Mono on Pioneer CDJs at Moef Gaga dance club in Lloret Del Mar. Or better said, the only real event we organised beside CamSum. Turn and move your mobile screen or use VR goggles to enjoy like if you were partying with us. Deep house techno music and porn, just like we love it!


  • “Geil!!!”

    Alain_T User
  • “If you cum to Mexico, please mail me.”

    secso1976 User
  • “Thanks Man -- make a porn with me !”

    ff-bottom User
  • “Nice video :)”

    sebelo89 User
  • “Your Switzerland project sounds interesting to me ;-)”

    quiksilverbe74 User
  • “wouldt be fun to have action for you and the cameras ....”

    1-tankred User
  • “would be interested to become a member of the crew....”

    adamusvonbayan User
  • “hopefully we'll get the chance to see you again here drained by a HOT bitch.

    HOT body and cock!! ;-)”

    jamspad User
  • “Cette présentation est intelligente Steve... Le côté naturelle et humain du porno.

    Bien que le sexe, comme la musique, soient forcement attrait également à de la déviance ...

    Du malsain et du pervers. Mais y en a partout. Tant que les choses sont faites avec respect... C'est surement positif oui.

    C'est bien d'avoir relevé le côté artistique du porno”

    Marion N.
    French Artist
  • “Merci et continuer, j'adore ce que vous proposez”

    LadyFucker User
  • “quel jolie corps hummmmmm”

    accapulcot06 User
  • “Je serai intéressé à faire des vidéo ou à t aider ds se domaine”

    Teub1018 User
  • “Salut Steve, merci pour l'invit. Je vois que t'as un paquet de groupe et de sites rattachés. T'es tatoué (certe) et dans le business?”

    SweetBassMan User
  • “Bienvenue Steve!”

    Harry81 User
  • I love what you guys do, keep it up and give these babes what they deserve.

    John Smith


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