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Winter in Switzerland is fun. Winter in Berlin is cold and wet. Let's warm up a little bit by profiting of the cold season to create a fresh new design and improvements for the hot season.
by Steve Yard
I could finally have a few minutes for me and for the site after all these episodes and it is finally this weekend that I started to recode the pages then to imagine this new form of mailing-blog that I will make you discover over time. No more grinding shit online, here we are going to really and really only go to the basics and we will communicate to you how you can help us achieve our goals and how to form a committed community to help our neighbor as we have done from the beginning here.

Streaming or downloading it's up to you to choose what you prefer, we have the solution for both with our partners and we bring it to you on a well-set board with ecological wallpapers reducing the superfluous brightness and our super pink design and black on gray tones to minimize the use of your mobile device battery.

So what are the new things we have for you today?

You may have noticed, in our discounts section, a new tab appears. Here we are talking about SHA-256 and we offer you the possibility to mine directly from your web browser while you do your shopping on our website. Basically we pay you to join our affiliate line and if you want to spend a little of your winnings at home to thank us for having offered you a new house or a new car, we will meet all together and the future of our economy will be more abundant than today.

We recommend you to use this new web browser to maximize the profitability of your surfing on our pages not only because it is available for Mac and PC but also because it has the small advantage of being able to be used from all mobiles on Android by downloading the app from the Play Store.
On the movies and photography side, nothing new at the moment because I am always reducing my expenses to the vital minimum to add a bed and some furniture to my new apartment. I made some contacts in Germany but nothing really conclusive so I think I will develop a new strategy for the future of our adult imaging production. Our bestsellers continue to grow in scoring and rarity making it a true luxury product in this multitude of low-end porn. This is a good sign for our fans and collectors of works of art of the new contemporary era.

Now that everything is up for new stuff, I want to thank everyone who has helped Steve Yard / Steve B's career and career as an independent label actor and director. The events that can arise during a project as complex and as important as this one can engage in many discussions with the people who follow us and I would simply say that I am delighted to discover new personality throughout our development. A big THANK YOU to all for your efforts and support during all the trials that have brought us here.

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