Think about how much this means for the global worldwide community of authors and content creators and producers. Don't you think it's huge ?
by Steve Yard
What's happening when you are watching movies for free on the web ?

When you are doing so, you probably started by enterring some crusty tag words like free porn videos or best free porn website into you web browser or your favorite search engine and hitted the ENTER button of your keyboard.

Well you just have landed on what we are calling a massive theater offering you all the last contents of the day for free and the only thing you need to do is select the content you desire to access to its link and watch it. You will have to deal with tons of adds and banners and the website will have the look of a Christmas Three with more banners on it than contents fitting with your initial search for personal entertainment.

What just happened ? There is something you might have forgotten with the normality of reproducing these daily actions since hackers started to let you believe you can get everything for free from their happy little world.

You have just contributed to online piracy !

Now you are surprised and you will probably ask us what the fuck just happened. You was just initialy looking for an interesting movie to wake up your desire or simply something erotic to watch, may be assess a need or simply looking to have fun online with some entertainment that fit with your habits.

You wanted to do something good. The pirate or hacker behind the upload of the stolen content you have watched was may be having good intentions too, at least you can trust it, because he is giving you something for free that the producer and his crew have work for. Tha'ts how you contributed to online piracy. Sadly, in both cases, you and the hackers have just missed one point, somewhere in the world somone has write and pay a huge bag of money to create the content you are now both using for free and this person will probably never see his money back, because you are downloading or streaming it for free illegaly.

Why would you pay if you could get the same for free ? That's the belief of the Millenium, so why would you play differently than all of your friends ?

Let us give you three good reasons to pay for what we call art here:

- Because you are awesome and responsible, means you are able to do the right choice

- Because you respect the performance and work of the actors, directors, producers who have believe in the fact and vision that we can make dreams come true and save lives by working hands in hands together

- Because you do not support pirates destroying the lives of over 71'000 american workers and a lot more if you imagine the result on a global level.

Think about how much this means for the global worldwide community of authors and content creators and producers. Don't you think it's huge ? It's less shocking than war and terrorism that's why you never have been informed about it in the medias and your local press.

Imagine now if everyone would be really paying for what they watch or listen or download in this new digital world. Think about all the money we could have collected to save just a few more this fucked up planet. Isn't that worth ? Acceleration of medical search, minority help and support, well, you know, the evolution instead of the regression. That's all what we could accomplish if you stop to believe that you can always get everything for free.

A recent study published that the lost each year due to online piracy is over $2.5 billion in workers earnings. The problem has become so big that it represents 22% of all global internet bandwith what's over 145 million visit per day for websites hosting pirated content. These numbers are just so big that you can really understand the urge of people to change their habits back to something more old school but saving adult industry workers jobs.

Still not convinced of paying for your porn ?

Think about how much efforts, time, passion, love and money you put at work every day of your life, you get payed to do your work and for us it's the same, we have invest all our love and time into our project of creating a competitive company in the most hard and heavy business of the globe, the adult industry.

Don't you think all these efforts deserve a good pay back ? Are you gonna continue to contribute to piracy pretexting you are doing so because you are poor or too lazy, never having the time to grab you a prepaid credit card in every kiosks or train station ?

Our mission is not to force you to pay for your porn but to help you understand what you are paying for. So when you decide to pay you do it for:

- the quality

- the feeling it gives you

- the contribution and support you want to bring

- the satisfaction you contribute to save a lot of peoples jobs

- the pleasure your favorite actress, actor, director, writer, blogger, marketer, musician will have knowing you support what he/she is doing

- the certitude you are not participating to any online piracy

Is that not worth enough for you to stop watch porn for free ?

You can contribute to help us starting only a few dollars here. Our website regroup a selection of 2 collectors scenes. Our amazing site provide you only with copyrighted contents for which we own the authors rights. We have a fully transparency and control on this content to insure you the security standards that you and the authors deserve.

Be a part of our new customer generation, be a part of our vision, Pay For Your Porn on my website today and contribute to the urge of saving our jobs.

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